25th Annual Program 2016 - Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, February 18th – March 5th, 2016


25th Annual Program Report (draft report)

Stories of DTP Alumni 

The Diplomacy Training Program’s 25th Annual Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training for Human Rights Defenders in the Asia-Pacific was held in Sri Lanka ( Colombo & Kandy ). Twenty two human rights defenders from Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Fiji and Sri Lanka attended this eighteen day program of intensive learning, sharing and skills building.

DTP acknowledges  with appreciation Malathy Bavananthan and staff of the Centre on Human Rights and Development, Ruki Fernando (INFORM); Father Nandana and the staff and volunteers of the Human Rights Organisation (Kandy); Deepika Udagama, staff, volunteers and students of Peradeniya University; Mr Sivaprasagam from Human Development Organisation (Kandy). 

DTP trainers are experienced and highly respected local, regional and international human rights leaders, academics, diplomats, media and UN professionals who understand and support DTP’s philosophy of participatory training. Trainers, presenters and facilitators in the program included: DTP Board Member, Professor Andrew Byrnes; Dr Deepika Udagama; Professor Savitri Goonesekere; Mr Ratnavale; Ruki Fernando; P.P. Sivaprasagam; Kumadini Samuel, Joshua Cooper, Arul Prakkash; Sayeed Ahmad; Ambika Satkunanathan; Sunthararaja Vathana. Niranjala Arulnandhy; Pradeep Wagle, and Juan Fernandez.  High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson kindly hosted an afternoon tea for the participants.  DTP records and acknowledges its thanks to them all.